My paintings are inspired by a lifelong passion for color and form. I have always been attracted to simple geometric shapes, and the essence of my work is the language of dimensional reduction. I simplify my compositions through the elimination of extraneous information, drawing attention to the core essence and the primal emotion under the surface. I am also fascinated by the illusion of a three-dimensional space that a two-dimensional work creates. I find myself constantly observing my surroundings - the people and the spaces they inhabit - looking for what draws the eye, and I have a visceral longing to express my discoveries through shape and color.

Created primarily in oil and acrylic on canvas and panel, my work investigates the underlying structure of the primary forms to allow interplay between the literal and pictorial surfaces. As shapes and colors are flattened and reduced, the dynamics of chroma and value relocates the geometry of the shapes on the actual surface.

As an artist, I feel a deep need to interpret the world through my craft, to make it not simply real, but more than real. Art is my prism - making strange and sublime distortions - through which I recreate and re-envision the world.